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Muscle Dynamics is the place to identify why you may be experiencing sensations you don't like. More importantly, how to deal with and manage your symptoms through exercise.

Muscle Dynamics is in the business of helping to solve your problems of pain and poor movement by rethinking exercise and physical fitness.

Exercise is not just for weight loss and sports performance! Exercise can be strategically applied to help you heal and overcome pain and other physical sensations you do not like that are related to bodily movement and control.

An exercise should be tailored to your unique body; you should not be forced to fit the predetermined confines of a specific exercise – especially if it causes you irritation, discomfort or pain. As a Muscle System Specialist™, we specialize in medical and orthopedic exercise and Prohabilitation™ by taking a holistic and transparent approach to your unique circumstances.

We explore past the surface and journey through your medical history, getting the details of your physical history, digging deeper into your real and personal needs and goals to create a fully custom mobility solution for you based on your stubborn pain points, chronic discomforts, and daily routine.



Our mission is to allow people to apply the proper tools on exercise as well as implementing a mindfulness approach to improve the performance of the muscular system. This mindset will not only help with your routine but most importantly, it will help with your physical goals and improve your quality of life.

Who Are We

Muscle Dynamics is located in Glendale, WI. We are private studio for all those who are looking to improve their overall health and performance.


Some of our clientele are people who may be suffering from physical ailments and want a safer process to become healthier. 


Unlike other fitness professionals, Muscle Dynamics uses custom strategies for wellness to help teach to you how to move and feel better, quicker. 

Why Are We Different

Through our assessment and testing procedures, we are able to objectively determine which muscles and motions perform at a lower quality. Our testing procedures is what helps induce a stronger connection to your body.


We also teach our clients how to attentively focus on each exercise by understanding the muscles you're working, and what the goal of each exercise is.

In the end, you'll know exactly what you're working, how each exercise feels and improve the quality of your movement and also get more quality out of each workout.

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