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"My experience with Andrew has been nothing short of perfect. Not only am I pain free, I have been so impressed and grateful for Andrew's willingness to research my chronic illness and privde perfectly appropriate treatment. He is wonderful!"

-Maggy Schultz

"I have had back issues for 20 years. Working with Andrew has definitely helped me manage my back issues."

"Andrew is quickly able to pinpoint the muscles that are tight and teach me the exercises I need to strengthen to prevent injuries."

- Ron Miller

"I have been working out with Andrew for several years. What keeps me coming back is quality workouts combined with Andrew's critical thinking skills. This combination allows Andrew to design focused workouts on areas that are weak with results that are immediately measurable."

"Andrew has been invaluable as it relates to athletic injuries. The ability to test, measure, and activate/strengthen all muscles of the body speeds up the healing process."

-Owen Walsh

"As someone that has dealt with chronic back pain all my life, I am always looking for new ways to help me manage my pain and keep me doing the things I love to do."

"I found myself recently with debilitating pain in my hips and hamstrings that I couldn't manage on my own."

"Andrew found the weaknesses in my body that were causing my pain and had me feeling better than ever in just a couple of weeks."

"Andrew's approach has been the best treatment I have found for my pain. I am back doing all of the activities I love to do."

-Beth Gould

"Andrew always asks how I am feeling, any issues or pain points I have before a workout. He completes a table evaluation to correct these issues we have discussed."

"Andrew is very focused and provides detailed instructions on each exercise before I do the specific exercise. He also monitors with corrective action to improve each workout. 

Andrew provides detailed one on one workouts with supervision while challenging me to excel."

-Ray Friedrich

"I've worked with personal trainers for several years, and Andrew Hoppert is the best. He really takes the time to understand your body's capabilites and your goals, and adjusts what he asks you to do accordingly. I know I'm in much better place than I would be if I didn't work out with his guidance."

"I tell Andrew that I really look forward to seeing him and really feel great when I'm done, and  he really pushes me when he's working out my body in the middle of the session. That's exactly what you want from a trainer. I heartily recommed him."

-Steve Chernof

"So grateful my trainer told me about this guy! Andrew is the best and if you're experiencing problems you NEED to work with him."

-Melissa Barnett

"Andrew is an incredibly knowledgeable and result-driven professional. His expertise in the muscular system, personal training, and motivation were instrumental in helping me feel healthier and fitter. On top of his expertise, Andrew is one of the most caring and friendliest individuals I know."

-Evan Walsh

"I've been working with Andrew for about 3 years now. I can't say enough great things about the work that Andrew does."

-Mandy Krueger

"Andrew is amazing at what he does. I used to have ankle pain, but thanks to Andrew I am back on my feet, working out with no pain at all!"


-Sari Vineburg

"Andrew is awesome! He really helped me out with problem neck issues that nothing else seemed to work!!!!"

-Kayla Welch

"Highly recommended! Andrew is a true professional!"

-Brian Krahn

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