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The Strategies Used To Achieve Your Wellness

Initial Assessment
Mobility Profile

When it comes to the human body & health history, we are all unique. Therefore, it only makes sense to perform an initial assessment to become more familiar with the current status of your body.   

The initial assessment is a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your body, which will help set the foundation for your customized plan for muscular treatment and training.

In the assessment we will collect various forms of data:

  • Blood Pressure 

  • Circumference Measurements 

  • Standing and Lying Down Posture  

  • Nervous System Stability Tests 

  • Range of Motion  

  • Screenings: (Respiratory Screen, Pelvic Floor Screen, Cervical Screen, & Oculomotor Screen)

The data collected helps in determining a specific plan; which will require less time to establish a foundation and to know how treatments are progressing. 

Assessments are required for all new clients & Quarterly re-assessments are highly recommended for existing clients.

Muscle System Treatment

Muscle have one job: contract. The muscular contraction enables us to move and perform daily tasks. If movement or range of motion is limited, stiff, or tight, it's more than likely that there is a problem. "Tightness or a muscle imbalance" is a protective mechanism the body uses to avoid further damage & is something that shouldn't be avoided as it's your body telling you something is wrong. If not dealt with appropriately it can lead to other issues surrounding the initial problem area.


The reason muscle imbalances or tightness happens is due to the result or inability of other muscles not contracting effectively. 

Muscles that have a higher quality can help keep your body from experiencing nagging discomforts once these imbalances are addressed. Addressing these imbalances can also maintain the quality in which your muscles contract for optimal performance.

Personal Training

Muscles need consistant stimulation. In order to continue to improve the quality of muscular strength, appropriate strength training exercises are introduced. 

The thought process when it comes to your training is designed to be safe and progressive to your muscular system's needs, especially in areas that don't have quite the same ability to contract as others.

In return, your body will then withstand the challenges you face in your daily life.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

Rise, flow, stretch, and shine as we start the day with yoga! This class includes warm-up stretches, all-levels asana, cool down, and a brief meditation. 

Power Yoga:

This class is geared to athletes and those looking for a challenging practice no matter their level of yoga experience. We will warm-up and then kick it up with asana and vinyasa flow that combines movement with longer holds to build strength, flexibility, and concentration of mind and body. A cool down and brief meditation complete the practice. 

For more information visit:

Corporate Wellness

Own a company that depends on the health of your employees? Looking to save money on health care costs?


We offer corporate wellness services are to corporations who are looking for long term savings and seeking to make their employees happier/healthier people.

To inquire about this service email me at

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